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Look up the word ‘Confidence’ in the dictionary and you’ll see quite a few descriptions. The one I’m interested in now is this: “belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities; self-confidence; self-reliance; assurance: His lack of confidence defeated him.”

I’ve been on this earth for 32 years now and one thing that people have always told me that I lack it. Might have a point there. If I say, “I’m gonna lose.”; I always get the reply, “Try and be more confident.” Okay.. “I’m confident I’m gonna lose.” The thing is, losing is not the bad part. Its the persona with which it is dealt.

What I’ve come to realise is that confidence makes or breaks how others see you. Why should we care of what others think? Well take it this way. We should and we shouldn’t. We shouldn’t let what others think define us or our actions; however, we should care what is it about us that draws people to us or drives them away.

If you go in for a job interview, who gets the job? Well, if there are no politics involved, the interviewer always selects someone who shows confidence in handling the position.

Confidence even works on the laws of attraction. One wise man told me that you don’t need much to attract a woman, all you ever need is confidence. From what I’ve seen, I think that is true. But if you think about it, it works the other ways as well. Look at all the models that come on the covers of magazines. You think that its the 2 piece swimsuit? I happen to know a models and from what I gather, we guys look for and are really attracted to is a woman that has confidence in her own sexuality. Think about it. How else would they actually decide the winner in a beauty contest…?

So I guess it all comes down to it – Confidence.

I think one of my biggest flaws is my lack of it; mostly in myself. I’m not sure exactly why that is. And perhaps all my past failures in career paths and my efforts to woo the opposite sex is probably attributed to it too. I’m pretty certain that it is and if that is true, how do you be more confident? I don’t have a clue. If I were to go back to the initial definition, I’d say I need have more assurance in myself and what my capabilities. Sounds easy enough. Now, its only finding out what my capabilities are.

But all this confidence comes with a warning label. There is a thin line in between ‘Confidence’ and ‘Arrogance’. Be confident thats great, but be careful your confidence isn’t seen as Arrogance. That is equally as damaging.

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      • No worries. I should thank you. You made the error that made me rethink my blog theme and design. I needed it to be easy for people to read through and comment. As a result I was able to find the perfect free theme and I think its a whole lot better than it was.
        So Thank You Elwin… 🙂

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