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The Dream. What does it mean? What’s happening to me?

Alright people. Let’s talk dreams. No, not dreams as in ‘Dreams and Ambitions’, although that is a nice topic; I’m talking about the stuff that happens while you are asleep.

The modern dictionary describes Dreams as “A series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep.” Seems reasonable enough and easy to understand. Lets leave it at that… OR Let’s not.

I’ve actually been wanting to post on this topic for sometime and I’ve also been refraining from posting anything about it, due to one simple reason – I don’t want to sound like a mental patient; although with some of my previous posts, that seems to be the least of my problems.. LOL.

The most common answer to what we dream is that whatever we do dream about is a result of some subconscious collection of thoughts, life events and our emotional attachment to them. Well that’s the scientific way of describing them. But then what about re-occuring dreams or dreams about future events – premonitions, etc.. Sounds confusing? It should. That’s because we don’t really understand this as yet.

The bible talks about saints of old being warned in dreams to do certain things which end up saving their lives. That is true in a sense. It also talks about strange dreams and interpreting them. One classic example is the story of Joseph nicknamed “The Dreamer”.

Here is a young man who has a dream, then endures much in terms of bad luck. He is sold into slavery by his brothers and then is imprisoned due to a false accusation. He then hears of dreams his two inmates had and interprets them. His interpretations come true. As a result, he is then called to see the king to interpret his bizarre dream. Joseph does and ends up saving a country. As a result he is freed and put as the second in command of the country.

Now what does all this have to do with me?…

I had a dream. Well that’s not quite true. I have a dream. Its a re-occuring dream. Anyone who has me on their Facebook and twitter will notice my cover pics. A pair of eyes. I put them there to remind me of what I see at night when I sleep.

The dream starts off with me in this closed dark eerie place, much like an enclosure or a cage in a zoo. To me this place seems so familiar. Anyways, its dark and there looks to be some kind of mist all around. Then I hear it – a growl. I’m not alone. There is something in there with me. I know what I hearing. I’ve lived with cats all my life to know the sound of one. Then all of a sudden I hear something behind me, I turn and there it is – a large panther; biggest I’ve ever seen, as big as a Siberian tiger. Its face is mere centimetres from mine and all I can now do is stare into its eyes.

The funny thing is that the more I look into this cat’s eyes, they feel familiar. I recognise them; they’re mine. In essence, it feels like I’m looking at myself and it scares me. Who is this? Why is it here? If my brain is trying to tell me something, what is it? Is it trying to tell me that this is who/what I really am? Am I a danger to those around me?

Why a Panther? Why not something else? Like a wolf or a dragon, or tiger or a lion or an eagle?

Some would say that I shouldn’t read to much into it. That is certainly true, if I only dreamed it once. But I’ve been having the same dream for years now; very, very frequently. I know I’ll eventually figure this thing out. Only time will tell what it means.

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  1. Ok… sorry about recommending a very voluminous book, Freud’s Dream Analysis. It is fascinating – he dissects his own dreams, and you will dream a lot while you read the book.

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