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Started with hybrids like the dreadful Prius and now we have the acceptable Chevy Volt. Yes cars driven by electric motors are here to stay. Funny enough they were always there, we just never stopped to notice.

The interesting thing to note is that the idea of the electric car is older than the normal piston engine itself. Back in the early days of motoring, wealthy people preferred the electric car to the gas engines due to the fact that you had to wind up the engine to start it. This was a tedious process apparently and sometimes was quite messy.

What changed it was the invention of the electric starter motor. This gave a huge advantage to the piston engine over the electric one. Fast forward a hundred years and we still face the same problem that killed the popularity of the electric car; range and battery power.

Battery technology has come along way. But then again has so many creature comforts in our cars. We all like to have electric everything; windows, mirrors, seats, radio, etc… This only makes the improvements very minimal in terms of range. Cars like the Volt makes it easy by combining petrol and electric engines, but what if you wanted something totally electric like the Nissan Leaf? Well there are companies making electric cars that we petrolheads would actually want to buy.

I think the main thing that is the limitation of the electric car is the infrastructure. Quick charging points that will take your battery from dead to fully charged in 30 mins is cool, but there simply isn’t enough of them. Another thing is that cars like the leaf are expensive. Why are companies making green technology expensive to buy. Surely they know that this only deters people.

Hydrogen seems the best alternative and places like California are making progress to make it a reality. But the thing is that still the technology is expensive and under testing.

In my dream car, I plan to take it from gas to green technology. Not sure which direction I want to take it in, but I have some idea. It comes from one of my fav brands – Jaguar.

The post about my dream ride can be found here

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