Life in Dubai

Congestion Charges

If you live in a city, you know what traffic is. Most governments try to make things easier with road taxes, tolls and congestion charges. This in all seems fair I guess. Makes sure that only those who really need to use those roads do at peak hours.

Over here in Dubai, the government has placed what they call the Salik network. Its basically a road toll system designed to charge users entering what it sees as congestion areas. But as far as I see it, none of the roads where this has been implemented have been made easier. In fact it has been made worse and to me, it looks like they’re charging us for entering and exiting the congestion area as well. I’ll explain that later.

1st Question. Correct me if I’m wrong, why put multiple toll gates on a single road. What is the point in that?

2nd Point as I mentioned earlier, say that the area in between two gates is said to be a “Congestion” area, why do they charge us for both entering & leaving it? They put the gates on both sides of the street to catch the traffic going both ways and charge us for it, going both ways; even if you are just passing through. That does not make sense to me.

If this system was really made to ease congestion why is the system active at off-peak timings? Why is the system online at 3am in the morning when practically no one is using the road. What congestion is it stopping then?

Why can’t they make different rates for peak timings and off peak timings?

As far as us residents of Dubai can see, this system is only aimed at making money for the government and not for making life easier for the people. And it only seems like they plan to introduce more and more toll gates that absolutely don’t do anything to ease the traffic. Sad, but true.


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