It's just Me...


I’ve heard from a friend that in order for me to appear more attractive to a certain someone, I need to develop my personality; I need to be more out going and easy going. Its not easy when you’re forced to contend with my family; who expect you to be running errands and unfair burdens that limit finances and stuff. Yeah.. responsibilities. I can’t just go and hang out with friends because sometimes there is no time and others, I can’t afford to.

Another thing is that when I’m in a group, I tend to be quiet and he says I need to be less shy around people and that my shyness can be seen as weirdness. That’s true in a way. I was never much one for conversation. I do need to develop the art of conversation, because when I am with people I need to give them engaged rather ย than bored. I think the thing is finding stuff to talk about; something that everyone is interested in.

I can actually easily explain what my place in society is right now. If you were to compare a group of friends as a car, some people would be the cool rims, the engine, the sound system, etc.. These are usually the cool people; the ones that make people laugh at parties and everyone notices. Me.. I’m that tiny little tool box in the rear that’s hardly noticed but handy to keep around and useful when things go bad. LOL…

I guess I’m gonna have to try to be one of the cool kids without loosing my toolbox charm… haha..

The only thing is how…ย Really wish there was a ‘How to’ book on this stuff but there isn’t. Believe me, I’ve looked. And whatever you do find, is written by some psychological analytical babbling idiot who really seems to have no clue he sounds like a moron.ย Mind you, some of the morons have some points, but I get way too confused to make any sense of what they are saying.

Being the real me is easy. But the real me also sounds too boring for anyone to want to take notice… ๐Ÿ™‚

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