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I’ve been without my car for a couple of days now and all I can say is that I miss it terribly. The reason for me to be without a car is kinda a long one. Dubai is one of those cities that has been built around the car; and even though there is a public transport system in place which includes a state of the art metro train network, there is always something about it that leaves much to be desired.

Maybe its me. Having relied on my driving wherever I need to go, maybe its me who built my own life around it. There are those in this city who use the public transport system on a daily basis and my couple of days using it now, has brought in a new found respect for them. Of course you can use taxis and could give you a same amount of freedom, but that gets too expensive if you have to use them all the time.

Buses and the trains make sense, but the stops are almost never really where you need to be. You need to walk quite a bit and stuff; and in this heat, its a pretty tough thing to do.

I guess the freedoms of a car are just completely taken for granted until you don’t have it anymore. All in all, I can say one thing. The government is trying to push the public transport to make congestion and traffic a thing of the past, but in truth, no one is really ready to give up the freedom that their cars bring.


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    • Did you live here in Dubai? Or were you just visiting?…
      Regardless, I think that it is pretty much the same in every modern city. Using public transport, requires a bit of walking, planning ahead to make sure you’re on time, etc.
      The only thing is here in Dubai, it could use with a bit more improvement like more buses and stuff.
      I just never noticed how difficult it is here for those without a car until I was forced to contend with it myself. Rest assured, I do have a new found respect for them now.

      • Completely understand you there. They recently introduced the air conditioned bus stops; only a few have the aircon turned on. The rest are really humid inside during the summer. I had to wait in one for 45 minutes and it was pure torture.
        At least in the metro, the stations are completely air-conditioned.

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