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Dream Ride

I’m a huge Petrolhead or Gearhead as some like to call them. Which no doubt means that I’m into cars and stuff. So no doubt I have a dream ride.

Paul Nigh's '' Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine

Now for a long time my dream car was the Delorean from BTTF. I thought of getting one and putting a V8 into it and boosters on the back. But the thing is the Delorean looks a bit dated now. Its a classic, but say you wanna take your GF out; assuming I have one at the time, showing up to a fancy place with something like that isn’t gonna make for a good impression.  I need something that looks futuristic or that won’t look dated, 20 years from now.

Then my choice went to a Ferrari F355, my fav Ferrari of all time. Nope, not special enough. I know, give it gullwing doors.  Nah, chopping up a good Ferrari seems like blasphemy.

I looked at the current crop of super cars and stuff, but couldn’t find that X factor. My Alfa has that, but its not a 2 door sports car. I want that. I plan to have 3 cars in my garage.

1. My Alfa 156 – The Interceptor

2. A Peugeot Boxer van – Always liked vans.. Like the utility look of them.

3. My Dream car.

I found it. I won’t buy my dream car. Like the Delorean, I’ll build it. And I know the perfect one.

As a kid, I used to watch Speed Racer. And in 1993 they released a version that had the most perfect car I’ve ever seen.

293993_10150337831990935_8216617_nWhat I’m gonna do is start off with a Mercedes SL, which would give me that hardtop convertible I want and the structure to go with it, just custom the bodywork to look like the pic. (Ofcourse the front wheel is not going to be covered like that; that’s a

I want to get a V6 version, so that I will have an excuse to put in a Viper V10 into it. LOL..

Yup.. that painted black will look so awesome. Classy, fast, elegant, nice interior (due to Mercedes trim)… Its gonna take time of course, but hey, that’s my dream ride.


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