Automotive Stuff

Alternative Engines

Technical stuff calm me down. Maybe its because I’m such a petrol-head… Recently been thinking about alternatives to the regular piston engines

Especially something unique. For instance,

1. This is a from a game but would be so cool to have in a car.

Recognise the design? Its actually very old. Its the same kind of piston design you see in old prop aircraft.

2. Chrysler Turbine Engine. One of my favourites.

The video is a documentary on the engine.

I think with the current technology that we have now, it could be a possible alternative to the common piston engine. Think of the benefits they mentioned. Personally, I think the only reason that it was dropped was because of some political reason. Its never a good thing when politics come in the way of progress.

3. Wankel Rotary Engine

Currently the only one used in mass production today apart from normal piston engines. Below is a two part documentary on it. (The narrator sounds pretty stupid… lol)

If you think that Mazda were the only one to use the Wankel Rotary Engine, think again…

What? It had the clutch on the gear lever? This car had some pretty unique features.


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