Girl Trouble

Did having too many models on my Facebook make me loose a friend??

I had this friend that I’ve known since childhood days. Recently I’ve noticed that she’s missing from my friend’s list on Facebook. There are only 2 possible explanations to that. One that I was blocked by her or the other that she closed her account completely.

The later seems to be  possible explanation these days, especially with busy people. But I have a feeling that since I have all the latest activity, commenting on pics posted by models who have added me, may be the cause for her to block me.

Considering that she lives in another country and that Facebook was the only way that could communicate with her, I’m wondering how I could assure her that I’m still the gentleman and good guy I always was and that what anyone sees online is nothing but me being honest and friendly.

Maybe I should stop commenting on pics and liking pics posted by models for a while. This might help me gain a bit of respect from my other female friends.


Categories: Girl Trouble, Social Media

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