Girl Trouble

Facebook – Why so many women?

In recent times, there has been quite a bit of flirting and admiring done on my part. This is no thanks to the addition of certain lady friends on my account.

It all came about rather innocently when I subscribed to a automotive magazine which always features a top model on the cover. Now the funny thing about it is that I have added the page of the magazine as well; incidentally when I made a comment on one cover, the model from that issue just added me for some random reason.

This in turn opened up a can of worms where more models were adding me and I too were adding people I found interesting. Now its come to the point where my entire Home page timeline on Facebook is completely full of women in bikinis.

I know sounds like a guys dream come true. And not only that, I talk to them too.

“Well how do you know that they are real?” well, I’m also on their Instagram and twitter. LOL.

Sounds like I’ve become a pimp..

TBH its quite the opposite. While there has been a bit of flirting from both ends, nothing is set to lead anywhere. Many of them have steady relationships with their boyfriends and I have no interest in breaking up a good relationship. In fact, I would do my best to preserve those.

Anyways, I do worry about the effect that this has on my other female friends on my friends list. I mean those who were my friends before all this and are not models.

When is having women on your Facebook too much?

I cannot unfriend them. I don’t want to be rude. Its nice meeting new people. Especially when they are hot models; who post tons of pics in thongs & bikinis.

Even more important, the girl I like is my friend on Facebook and has been for a long time. When does having so many women on your timeline and updates, make you look like a pervert or a playboy.

I want to show her that I am nothing but a gentleman and a great guy and that’s probably the reason why I have so many women adding me. 😛


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