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Why Hankook is my tire brand of choice…

My tire size is 205/55R16.
I changed my tires a year ago and I know probably someone might laugh at the way I chose which ones to go for.
Most sensible people would choose by performance, reputation, technical specs, etc… but I don’t know much about that. I didn’t do any of that. I chose by girls. 
I basically went on the web, looked a couple of pictures of racequeens and chose the brand based on which models were hotter… 
I ended up with Hankook.. To my surprise, they’re one of the best and most recommended brands and cheaper and better and Pirellis that I had on earlier…

And from the looks of things, I’m gonna be sticking with them for a long, long time… Why? See below.. LOL 😉

485317_10200225924305220_2123887459_n 993662_598492353530326_485789233_n

Meet Erica, KatelynnSadie & Jess. They’re models and four of the most amazing people that you’ll ever have the chance to meet. How do I know this? They’re also my friends on Facebook. When you have friends like these representing the brand, why would you not choose it.. 😛


Some other random Hankook Hotties 🙂

32324674044_large 32324674049_large 32324674050_large 32324674057_large 32324674058_large 32324674059_large 32324674065_large 32324674066_large 32324674070_large 32324674074_large-1 32324674075_large OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 32324674098_large 32324674280_large

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