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Which Van…

Choosing a van for what I want to do isn’ t easy. There is just so much in terms of choice.

At first I thought an American Fullsize one would do but I’ve come to realise that the Eurovans are more purpose built for the tasks.

But even there, you find so much in terms of choice and trim. I used to think that the one for me was the Peugeot Boxer, but even though its the widest van out there, its only front wheel drive.

Its the best looking, but not the best performing. The widely known Ford Transit and the Mercedes Sprinter are the choices for me with their rear wheel drive.

The Sprinter is used over here by FedEx and rightly so. Anyone from the US would know this import shattered the American fullsize van market with Euro style prowess. Nothing comes close with its size; well except for another Euro van.

Enter the Ford Transit. With so many sold worldwide, this van has proven to be the innovator and by rule by which vans are judged in the UK.. everywhere else the Sprinter has it..

Ford Transit

Mercedes Sprinter

Been watching these vids online and kinda leaning towards the Transit because of the dash; with its numerous features. However the dash does not have the same quality feel of the Sprinter.

Also in the looks, the Sprinter looks cool, but the Transit has it for me. I like vans with shorter hoods.

The Sprinter does have a certain quality with it and with a Mercedes you are buying into German built quality.

Transit, on the other hand, does have the rep for a reason and it will perform equally well. Besides Ford has chosen to scrap and replace the E-Series with the Transit for a reason. The Transit started the Eurovans in the 60s with its revolutionary design and its proving awesome even now.

Which means, without the first Transit, you probably wouldn’t have the Sprinter.

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