It's just Me...

To Blog or not to Blog. That is the Question.

To all you bloggers out there. Ever have so many things that you want to talk about, but can’t decide whether you should or not? Ever have so many thoughts in your head that you can’t decide which one?

With social media so prevalent in today’s world, our every day lives are proving to be more entertainment than a full on movie. Our own timelines on Facebook and twitter are now more like tabloids… Haha.

I’m not much for words; well not the spoken kind anyways. I started this blog just to voice out my thoughts. Be it a rant, self reflection or just something that I find interesting, I post it here. Its a place I some to terms with them. I can ask the questions I want to ask.

Since this is a public forum and easily seen by the world, it remains in question how much of myself do I want seen or known?
I am an open book. I encourage comments and feedback on what I post; wouldn’t be public if I didn’t. In all honesty, if someone was to ask me every single detail of my life, I’d tell all.
My next article could be about anything. I could talk about my death back in ’95 or my brief stint in jail. All seems interesting and would make for excellent read to someone.

If I should have reservations about what I post, I should make things a bit more personal and private; why make my blog public?
The answer is simple. While I know some details will be unique to me, there are others out there with the same or similar situations, thoughts, interests, ideas & just maybe, by seeing my posts, they’d know that they not alone as well.

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