It's just Me...


For as long as I can remember, I have been around cats or cats have been around me. You can thank my mother for that influence. To my dad’s displeasure, she insisted that her house have some kind of a pet. She grew up with animals and stuff around her, so I guess that she thought it was a necessary thing. The easiest and least messiest animal was a cat.

Back to the cats, being around them for so long, at an early age, I began to identify with them much more than I could identify with other humans. Sounds pretty corny & strange doesn’t it..? I remember I used to even walk on all fours. It was with the constant persuasion of my parents with the help of a cain and a sore bum, I dropped the habit. Not sure why, but perhaps it was because I could always count on the cat to come and sit by me during the dark times when I knew even my family didn’t understand me.

During my entire childhood, even though we had many other pets, there was always still one constant; we always had a cat. Right now we have three. And true to point, the one that they are closest to is me. They even sleep with me when the chance arises.

IMG_1491 20121225_030620 20121225_030546

If anyone was to think that only a dog is man’s best friend, I’d beg to differ. Mine was and is in the shape of a cat. Truth be told, they do drive me up the wall sometimes with the stuff they do. If you’ve ever heard the term ‘Dumb animal’, don’t believe it. These characters know exactly what they are doing. I’ve seen them display more human emotions than some people I know; from love, kindness to even outright jealousy.

My connection with the species is quite strong. Wherever I go, I seem to get along with the local cat population; I don’t know why. I certainly don’t think anyone else who has a cat will have the same experience. Even when I stayed in Singapore for 3 months, I made friends with the local strays in the area. They somehow were not scared of me like they were scared of other people.

I’m not sure whether this trend of having a cat in my home will continue when I finally do get a place of my own. Probably won’t since I figure that I will be travelling a lot. But you can be sure that wherever I go, I’d always find a feline friend. 😛

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