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The OS Battles 1 – I Still Choose Apple

Everything runs and needs an OS these days. From your computer to your microwave to your toaster. Don’t believe me..? Take a closer look.

OS means Operating System. The best definition I can find is here

Its amazing to think that the amount of thought that goes into making a simple device. Everyone has heard of the PC wars (Mac vs PC)… These days its the Phone wars (iOS vs Android).. In both, the one with the most number of features wins; or does it?

While us geeks are many, the number of average users out number us easily. These people are not worried about technical specifications and how much faster and how much better one is at doing a particular task than the other. Its simply about three important factors:

  1. Is it easy to use?
  2. Is it reliable?
  3. How much?

In the early 90’s hardly anyone had a Apple computer or device.. I enjoyed that exclusivity for a while. Now I see that its almost the norm. Yes the Mac computer still trails the PCs, but the iPhone and its brethren easily out sells all the other devices. But, these devices are still more expensive and if you were to look at it carefully, less feature packed, than the other devices…
So why are they selling so well? Is buying an Apple computer or device worth it?
Yes in my opinion. And for one reason – Simplicity. Apple works on making the user experience simple. Some might like it, some don’t. From OS X to iOS, I find that the operating systems are simple to use and make it easy to do stuff.
Okay, for iOS you need to have iTunes to transfer music, etc to your mobile devices, but that makes it easy. It makes it easy to manage the data on your device and keep only what is necessary. How much stuff do you really need on the go anyway?
OS X is such a dream to work on. Its no wonder why there are those who build what are called ‘Hackintoshes’ – PCs made from ordinary hardware that can run Mac OS X. Things just work and I have no issues with it at all. The unix core makes it as powerful as the Linux variants and the user interface has changed so little that its easy to learn.
The late Steve Jobs has always said that Apple is a software company and was a firm believer that great software companies should build their own hardware. I’d like to say that if Apple is truly a software company, then they should make their Mac OS X available so that anyone can install it on any kind of system.
Yes, that will mean that the sales of Apple computers will go down, but it will also mean that Apple will finally get the market share that they so rightly deserve in the mainstream PC sector.
And if they really work on giving iOS more of the same features that are on the full on Mac OS X, then they’d have a mobile device that will be unbeatable.

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