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Ergonomic keyboards And Touch Typing

The funny thing is that even though QWERTY became the standard keyboard layout, its hopelessly flawed. Its stands one of the causes of many ailments and occurs among typists. Pains, aches and injuries like RSI and Carpal Tunnel are a plenty. One of the things that makes it bad are the keyboards themselves. This is one of the reasons that people invented ergonomic keyboards. These are keyboards that are specifically designed to make typing easier using the QWERTY layout, ease the pain and are usually used by those who already have pains and injuries.

I recently brought a Microsoft Ergonomic 4000 to make my transition to Colemak easier. I’m still making loads of mistakes and I can say that my typing has not yet improved a bit. I’m thinking whether its the layout as even with a normal keyboard, my typing was amazingly awful. Not ready to give up on Colemak yet and I think I really need to go through the touchtyping software that I got when I started to learn Colemak. I’ve not gone through it yet. I think that will make it easier for me. I’d make less errors when I have more control over my fingers. As for now,Β I’d suggest using an ergonomic keyboard to anyone who uses a computer for most of his/her day.

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