Computers & Tech

Laptop vs Desktop

A fluctuation in the electrical system in my place burned up the mainboard in my PowerMac. Now I’m left without a computer.

I was just starting to learn Objective-C from a book and I needed a mac to work on. I’ve been looking into getting another PowerMac, but was advised to get a Mac with an Intel chip if I’m thinking of doing anything serious in the way of programming for Mac or iPhone.
In addition I think I’m missing on ‘Geeks, Facebook and MSN’ for way too long.
I’ve had suggestions of a laptop or Mac Mini. But I’m thinking more in the lines of a 20″ iMac for now. And then later I might consider upgrading to a MacPro. Gotta love all that power… LOL.
A Friend suggested that I get the laptop because its easy and portable. He said that soon desktops will become a thing of the past. I’m not too sure about that. Besides its kinda like more that laptops will become things of the past since we have devices like iPhones and Blackberrys which can surf the web and stuff. As these devices get more and more features, laptops are more left at home rather than being carried around. So what’s the point of a laptop if it ain’t going nowhere?
I might consider a laptop though, who knows… only time will tell.

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