Computers & Tech

My Computer History

My first PC was a 486 running Windows 95. I had to share with my brother. As you can imagine, it wasn’t shared equally. My brother was on it most of the time.
I remember watching a TV movie by Disney called the “Absent-minded Professor” which featured a computer called Albert. As a kid watching that little thing perform, I wanted a computer just like it. I never knew that Macs existed. To me Windows was the only OS in the world.
Later on we got a P2 266 Mhz. Again it was usually hogged by my bro and we constantly kept upgrading it and installing / re-installing Windows… 95 – 98 – Me – XP and back to 98 again.
I learned basic computer hardware through trial and error with this piece. I wasn’t long until one day the mainboard fried up and then we decided to go in for one of those AMD Duron boards with everything built in. In all this time, I still didn’t know that Mac existed until, the iMac came out.
As soon as I saw it, I had to have one. I went to an internet cafe where they had imacs and as I used it, I loved it. Being not too knowledgeable about computers at the time, I was advised against getting one for 2 simple reasons. They told me that upgrading it wasn’t easy and couldn’t be done at home and the other was the price. It was way too much to spend when I could get something with a higher spec for less.
In anycase, I decided that since I wasn’t able to have an iMac and Windows was just way too common for my taste, I decided to do a dual boot and install Linux.
My dad got me a set of RedHat Linux 8 and the installation went pretty smooth. I installed it was soon realized how much I didn’t know about it. All I could do was install it. I didn’t know how to setup the internet connection or anything else on it. I asked people who were into IT here and not many knew about it. All of them used Windows. Disappointed and frustrated at not being able to do anything and my brother claiming that he needed more HDD space for his stuff and games, I removed it.
I must admit. Windows 2000 was pretty much the best version of Windows I had come across at the time, but back than it wasn’t a great gaming platform. I didn’t like XP that much until SP2 came out. The computers changed after that from P3 to P4 and still running versions of 2000 and XP. I still shared the PC with my brother.
Until one day, while on holiday in Singapore, I saw a secondhand iMac for sale. I had to have it. I got it and handed over full rights of the PC to my brother while I had this.
The iMac was perfect. OS 9 ran like a dream and I was just so impressed with how easy and simple everything was. Even my brother was impressed.
After OS X Panther came out, I decided to upgrade the OS. Again it was easy and simple.
From then on, it was Macs for me. During the course of time, I’ve had 2 iMacs, 2 Powermac G4s and an eMac. On the PC side I got an IBM P4 and ran Linux / Windows XP and now DesktopBSD.

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